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Signing a Memorandum of Understanding Between the International University of Africa and the AcoGaps.

AcoGaps & the international University of Africa signed a memorandum of understanding on 14. February 2023, Professor Taha Abdeen, Deputy Director for Scientific and Cultural Affairs, signed on behalf of the university, and on behalf of the African Center, Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin. The MOU expressed both parties interest in extending cooperation in Academic, scientific, and research aspects, through the exchange of visits by professors, researchers, and graduate students.
The memorandum included strengthening academic cooperation in community service programs, continuing education, and capacity development.
Zain Al-Abidin referred to the tremendous scientific contributions of the University of Africa through its benevolent career in providing African countries and other countries of the world with qualified cadres that undertake executive and leadership tasks, in addition to its efforts related to developing and developing the capabilities of African societies, and that the university represents one of the platforms for popular diplomacy in Africa.


NCCW signs MoU with AcoGaps

The National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) and the African Center for Governance, Peace, and Transition Studies (AcoGaps) signed a memorandum on mutual cooperation in supporting childhood issues.

Dr. Abdelkader Abu, Secretary-General of the National Council for Child Welfare, stressed the need to strengthen joint cooperation between his organization and the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies in advocating for childhood issues.

He underlined the need to pay attention to health, education and children’s issues, especially in vulnerable  states of Sudan.

For his part, Dr. Mahmoud Zein El Abidine Mohamud, Secretary-General of the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies, stressed joint cooperation with the Council, sharing expertise and experiences, the development of communication between the two parties and supporting existing mechanisms for childhood, trust in the integration of academic, research, training and programmatic activities between the two parties.


Deputy Governor of Darfur Region Receives AcoGaps Director General

Deputy Governor of Darfur Region, Dr. Muhammad Issa Elaiw, received in his office, on Wednesday 28th December 2022, Dr. Mahmoud Zain El Abdeen Mahmoud, Director General of the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies (AcoGaps).
The meeting discussed the issues of community peace in Darfur, conflicts, promoting peace and capacity-building  of those involved in the areas of community peace.
The Deputy Governor  presented the outputs and the recommendations of the Sudanese-Chadian Relations Seminar, which was held recently in cooperation with the Council of Population’s Relations, which was sponsored by the Darfur Region Governor, Minni Arko Minawi.
For his part, the Director General of  AcoGaps  expressed appreciation to  the government of the Darfur Region  for its great support for the activities of the center in the previous period.


Cooperation between AcoGaps and the Council for International People’s Friendship

Acting Director of the Council for International People’s Friendship, Ms. Salwa Mahjoub has received in her office the Secretary General of o the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies #AcoGAps, Dr. Mahmoud Zain El-Abdeen, where she gave a brief about the means of cooperation between the Council and other institutions aiming at strengthening the relations between Sudan and the peoples of other countries in the globe.
The meeting discussed the means of cooperation between the Council and the #AcoGaps in implementing the programs and activities of 2023., besides what had been achieved last year.
For his part Dr. Mahmoud affirmed that the Council is considered one of the important national institutions in linking Sudan with the people of other countries as a window to exchange experiences and knowledge, pointing out to the recent workshop organized on the Sudanese/Chadian relations which was successful due to the support of the Governor of Darfur Region. Mini Arko Minnawi and his Deputy, Dr. Mohaamed Eisa Elaw.
Administration Leaders

The Role of the Native Administration Leaders in Countering Hate Speech and Tribal Violence

The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies (AcoGaps) conducted a seminar on the role of the native administration leaders in combating hate speech and tribal violence, the event came during the annual meeting of the Supreme High Council for Native Administration in Sudan held in Khartoum22-24 Dec 2022.
Native administration leaders play a key role in preventing conflicts, combating hate speech, violence, and promoting the spirit of tolerance, in addition to continuous efforts to resolve and settle disputes in areas affected by tribal clashes and boosting democratic transformation.
AcoGaps will strengthen ties and cooperation with the Supreme Council of Native Administration to address Socioeconomic, security, cultural and political root causes of hate speech by promoting good governance, resilience, and recovery from armed conflicts.


International Training Course “Post-conflict Reconstruction and Stabilization” in Dakar, Senegal

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania (MAE) in partnership with RoAid – the Romanian Agency for International Development Cooperation and in cooperation with the Center for Advanced Defense and Security Studies of Senegal (CHEDS), organizes the 14th edition of the International Training Course “Post-conflict Reconstruction and Stabilization” in Dakar, Senegal, from November 28 to December 2, 2022.
The objective of the internship is to address the current challenges of post-conflict reconstruction and stabilization in the region and beyond, as well as to encourage the exchange of best practices in the areas of good governance and building democratic and resilient institutions and societies in a post-conflict situation.
Mrs. Somia Sied – a peace and gender expert has represented the African Centre for Governance Peace & Transition Studies (AcoGaps).


Food Security .. Challenges and Solutions

The African Center for Governance, Peace, and Transition has organized a discussion session titled (The Present Situation of the Food Security, Challenges, Opportunities and growth scenarios.
The session was attended by the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Darfur Region Government in the presence of the secretary-general of the ministry, experts, researchers, and media outlets personnel.
The Minister called for linking food security with peace issues and justice in resource distribution. He hailed the role of The African Center in boosting the illumination, providing technical support, and capacity-building.
The participants in the session called for strengthening the cooperatives and production societies besides capacity-building for the workers in the agriculture and animal wealth sectors, with consideration to food security diplomacy and water engineering as new means to bridge the financial gaps.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment for Sustainable Peace and Stabilization

Informative presentations and constructive discussion during the high-level workshop on 23-24 Nov-organised by the Ministry of Social Development in Sudan and ESCWA that aimed at improving the national action plan on the implementation of the UNSCR 1325 on women peace and security.
AcoGaps prioritizes women empowerment as a key element for effective transition in Sudan, proper implementation of the UNSC 1325 will pave the way for sustainable peace and stabilization in both rural and urban settings in Sudan, and help pave the way for successful democratic transformation that leads to socio-economic development and prosperity.

IGAD’s Early Warning

(AcoGaps) participates in the Regional workshop on IGAD’s Early Warning and Early Response Strategy in Ethiopia.

The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies (AcoGaps) participated in the Regional validation workshop on IGAD’s Early Warning and Early Response Strategy 2021-2025 in Adama Town- Ethiopia, from 2_4 November 2022.
AcoGaps is a leading regional organization in the early warning and conflict prevention &Resolution in IGad & Horn of Africa Region
It is worth noting that The Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARN) is a bold initiative by the eight IGAD member states (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda) to prevent and mitigate violent conflict in the region.
Rooted in a Protocol, CEWARN’s organizational assumption is that ‘high quality, credible information, and analysis on threats to peace and security and appropriate responses, delivered in a timely fashion to the right individuals and institutions will lead to quality decisions that increase peace and security in the IGAD region.’ It is one of IGAD’s specialized institutions and a continental benchmark in early warning methodology.


Training Courses for Security Protecting Forces in Darfur.

Constructive discussion between the Joint Higher Military Committee for Security Arrangements-Darfur Track and the African Centre for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies AcoGaps, and UNITAMS – Protection of Civilians (POC) and Human Rights Section on Training Courses for Security Protection Forces in Darfur, JHMC Capacity Building and a National Stakeholder Workshop on POC. AcoGaps and the JHMC have been conducting capacity-building and technical development activities for the Security Protecting Forces in Darfur as part of their endeavors to support the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement and the community co-existence in Sudan.

Lecture to the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

The African Center for Governance Peace and Transition Studies delivered a lecture to the visiting delegation from the Doha Institute for Strategic Studies headed by Dr. Ghassan Al-Kahlouton (issues of peace and transition in Sudan). Dr. Mahmoud Zine El Abidine, director of the center, Highlighted that the center’s experts provided the delegation with insights, knowledge, and lessons learned on issues of peace in the country and the transition towards democracy and good governance, commending the efforts of the International University of Africa in coordination and organization, expressing the center’s appreciation and gratitude for the significant contributions of the State of Qatar in supporting peace and development in Sudan.

(AcoGaps) participates in the Regional workshop on IGAD’s Early Warning and Early Response Strategy in Ethiopia.

The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies (AcoGaps) participated in the Regional validation workshop on IGAD’s Early Warning and Early Response Strategy 2021-2025 in Adama Town- Ethiopia, from 2_4 November 2022.
AcoGaps is a leading regional organization in the early warning and conflict prevention &Resolution in IGad & Horn of Africa Region
It is worth noting that The Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism (CEWARN) is a bold initiative by the eight IGAD member states (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, and Uganda) to prevent and mitigate violent conflict in the region.
Rooted in a Protocol, CEWARN’s organizational assumption is that ‘high quality, credible information, and analysis on threats to peace and security and appropriate responses, delivered in a timely fashion to the right individuals and institutions will lead to quality decisions that increase peace and security in the IGAD region.’ It is one of IGAD’s specialized institutions and a continental benchmark in early warning methodology.
Its structure is uniquely fractal: its membership and action span the regional, national and local, meaning that it is both focused on structural aspects and ground truth. Since its establishment in 2002, CEWARN has worked with a particular focus on cross-border pastoralist and related conflicts.
The new strategic period though will expand the focus to better serve the region’s peoples in their quest for sustained peace and shared prosperity.


Training Workshop on Governance and Institutional Oversight.

The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies (AcoGapas) organized a workshop entitled: Governance, Good Management, and Institutional Oversight, in cooperation with the National Chamber for Accounting, the workshop took place in Aslm-Rotana Hotel in Khartoum-28,29 October with wide participation of national experts from universities and thinktanks, who underscored the importance of the application of governance, wise management and capacity building. calling for the transformation of all current complex circumstances into opportunities for transformation, stressing the continuation of the partnership with the National Chamber of Accounting as one critical financial institutions in the country.
The Director-General of the National Chamber for Accounting, Mrs. Fatima Muhammad Othman, delivered a speech at the workshop, stressing the role of the chamber as one of the arms of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in its mandate over public money and as an important oversight body. 


Self_Revenue Development Workshop: Challenges and Prospects Solutions.

Federal Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, called on all authorities at the state level and the Ministry of Finance to adopt and amend laws that conflict with the mandate of finance over public money.
The Minister of Finance said, “The challenge is great before us, and the revenues did not meet the needs of development projects, and some projects reached 50 percent and others reached 70 percent.
Pointing out that the great challenge is the failure to provide basic services to the citizen, including water, health, education, and social development, and that it is necessary to spend on human capital.
The minister announced that partnership with the private sector is the only way out to increase revenues and that laws must be prepared in a flexible way to build a real partnership with the private sector in order to enable the country to take off.
Stressing the importance of the workshop on developing self-revenues, challenges, and prospects, which come within the framework of a series of workshops, which coincide with the preparation of the state’s general budget.
Dr. Jibril said that his ministry is working on preparing a paper through the legal department working to amend laws that conflict with the mandate of the Ministry of Finance over public money and amending them before the next budget approval.
This came during addressing the workshop organized by the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Planning and Policies, to develop revenues, challenges, and prospects for solutions, in cooperation with the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies at (Grand Holiday Villa), in the presence of Muhammad Bashar Muhammad, Undersecretary for Planning at the Ministry of Finance, with the participation of experts, scholars, university professors, directors of institutions, bodies, and departments of the Ministry of Finance.
The Minister of Finance called for expanding the tax umbrella as it is the most effective and successful way to increase tax revenues and fight tax evasion.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Abdullah Ibrahim, referred to the ongoing cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the African Center for Governance, Peace, and Transition Studies regarding macroeconomic issues.

Workshop to Review Early Warning and Rapid Response Projects.

A workshop for reviewing early warning and rapid response projects -RRF Funding, was concluded on -Friday 22.Sep.2022, organized by the IGAD Early Warning and Early Response Unit (CEWARN), in which a number of experts and civil society organizations submitted projects have participated.
The Secretary-General of the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies (AcoGaps)- Dr. Mahmoud Zain Elabidin, said that five projects were selected, including the project to build the capacity of early warning units in Darfur states, submitted by the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies.
The Humanitarian Aid Commission, in coordination with the National Committee for Early Warning and Response, held this workshop to approve and prepare rapid response projects to ward off conflicts within the IGAD countries.
A team from the IGAD Regional Early Warning and Response Mechanism has participated
This mechanism operates through five sectors, including the social, economic, environmental, governance and security sectors. It aims to address the causes of conflicts in coordination with government agencies and grassroots committees. It is implemented by civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations. The amounts range from $200,000 to $300,000 in the first stage

AcoGaps Participated in the AFRISUM Conference Addis Ababa 5-7 September.

Riparian states conference on the Reasonable and Equitable Utilisation of the Nile River Resource has concluded in Addis Ababa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Cango have taken part in the gathering, Dr. Mahmoud Zainelabdin -Director-General of AcoGaps delivered a paper in the event reflecting on the importance of cooperation and consensual framework based on reasoning political process, highlighting the concerns of Sudan and Eygpt on the safety of the Ethiopian Great Renaissance Dam (GERD) and its impact on the Sudanese Dams as well as the urgent needs for a binding operational agreement, Conflict resolution mechanism as well as addressing the environmental and socio-economic impact. pointing out that the Nile River could be an area of cooperation and utilization rather than disputes and competition.


Representatives of International Organizations Confirm Their Support for Training Security Forces In Darfur.

The Alternate Chairman of the Joint Higher Military Committee for Security Arrangements, Lieutenant-General Dr. Suleiman Sandal, and in the presence of members of the Higher Military Committee and Dr. Mahmoud Zain El Abidine, Director of the African Center for Peace and Governance, met with a representative of the ICRC, UNAMS, and UNHCR at the headquarters of the Committee
The representatives of the organizations listened to enlightenment about the efforts undertaken by the Joint Higher Military Committee for Security Arrangements to organize a number of training/orientation courses to enhance the capabilities and qualifications of the security forces in Darfur concerned with the protection of civilians.
Brigadier General Mubarak Bakhit, a member of the Joint Higher Military Committee, stated that the meeting was fruitful, as he believed in the importance of raising knowledge and capabilities on human rights and international humanitarian law.
Representatives of the organizations expressed their readiness to participate actively in providing technical support to the Darfur security forces concerned with protecting civilians.
IGAD Workshop

IGAD Countries are Rich in Dialogue and Reconciliation Experiences.

The Director-General the of Africa Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies(AcoGaps), Dr. Mahmoud Zain elabidin stressed the importance of strengthening the capacities of the IGAD countries in dialogue and interest to achieve stability and sustainable peace for the countries, where the IGAD countries face many challenges that have contributed to complicating the security, political and economic conditions, and that most of them suffer from fragility and the spread of intercommunal conflicts challenges, transition and governance crises
During the IGAD regional workshop on the roadmap for dialogue and reconciliation set up by the Mediation Support Unit in the IGAD Peace and Security Department in Adama, Ethiopia 29-31 August 2022, Zain Elabidine indicated that the countries of the region are rich in successful and effective applications and experiences in building and strengthening community peace “but they need to establish and strengthen community peace mechanisms” in addition to setting up Clear visions and programs to address the current situation with programs and projects that respond to youth issues, good governance, transitional justice, and economic revival while achieving effective and comprehensive participation of all stakeholders and partners.
PHOTO-2022-07-23-21-59-42 (2)

AcoGaps Discussed the Security of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Dr. Mahmoud Zinanelabdin- Director-General of AcoGaps participated in the experts’ forum on the security of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Horn of Africa region (opportunities and challenges) that took place in Nairobi-Keney 20-22 July 2022, the forum was organized by the IGAD office in Somalia, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.
a selective gathering of experts and specialists from all IGAD countries participated in the forum along with the focal points responsible for the file in the member states.
Experts have deliberated on security and peace issues in the Horn of Africa, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden, precisely on five issues: security in the Horn of Africa, maritime security, human security, marine environmental issues, and economic domains In the Red Sea, to help member states adopt common vision, position and a strategic plan for this important part of the world.


Experts Warn Against External Interference in Sudanese Internal Affairs.

Participants affirmed that external interventions have greatly harmed the country, especially, since the current period has witnessed a decline in the economy and services, and the failure to facilitate people’s livelihood. Professor Ibrahim Al-Kabbashi, the presenter of the paper in the discussion, said interference in the country’s affairs exists, especially the embassies that have repeatedly interfered in the internal affairs of the country, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He called quick end of the intervention so that the country to be run by its sons. participants pointed to the importance of producing a national project that the Sudanese political elites failed to establish over the past decades, countering the growth and spread of hate speech that brings the country down in order to avoid the division of Sudan into mini-states, calling on the Sudanese to unite and renounce differences and regionalism.


Technical Contribution To the Permanent Ceasefire Committee (PCC) Training.

Dr. Mahmoud Zainelabdin-AcoGaps’s Director-General has served as a consultant for a five-day- training course on a ceasefire in the period 5-9 June in Elfasher-North Darfur State, the training organized by UNITAMS. presenters and speakers with extensive knowledge and experiences from the UN.HQ in New York, UNITAMS, and UNHCR have effectively contributed to the training, it’s worth mentioning that this training was the first of its kind in Sudan. Participants from TGOS regular forces and armed struggle movements highly appreciate the training and express satisfaction over the course contains and presenters, AcoGaps has been a leading center in the provision of training and capacity building for Government institutions, NGOs and Armed struggled Movements, with 23 training courses in peacebuilding, protection of civilians and transition issues were conducted by AcoGaps since the signing of the Juba Peace Agreement in October 2020.


Regional and International Developments and repercussions on Sudan.

Experts stressed the consensus on a comprehensive national project that does not exclude anyone from the people of Sudan until the country emerges from its current crises. The strategy necessitates All political, youth, student, and women components to participate in the Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue to be established soon so that the modern Sudanese state is established in this region. the symposium came as part of a partnership between AcoGaps and Dimensions Centre for Strategic Studies.
The event was attended by high-level representatives from political parties, national institutions, civil society, and academia, two working papers are presented by Dr.Mohamed Sarmeni- Director of Dimensions Centre, and Prof. Hassan Haj Ali. symposium moderated by Dr. Mahmoud Zainelabding- Director of Acogaps.

Consensual Document handed Over To the Transitional Council.

General. Malik Aggar -Member of Sovereign Council -head of the Committee for Dialogue and Communication with Political Parties at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, received the Sudanese consensus document for managing the transitional period from the African Center for Studies on Governance, Peace and Transition Studies.
Malik Stated that the country is experiencing a real political crisis, indicating that the country is suffering regional, tribal, and ethnic discourse, Sudan needs the efforts of all its people to solve and address national problems, calling for the importance of consensus among the Sudanese people to manage the state.
Malik praised the consensual document presented by the African Center and that it is one of the important political initiatives, and its adoption as one of the documents and initiatives of the Supreme Committee for Dialogue and Communication with the Political Forces of the Sovereignty Council, calling it the mother of initiatives, stressing the cooperation of the Committee with the African Center in the future.

The signing of the Consensual Document for Transition.

25 April 2022, on the platform of the Sudan News Agency, the Sudanese consensual document management of the transitional period was signed and announced, the initiative launched by the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies, and the Center for Peace and Development Studies at Bahri University.
The document is a unification of a Sudanese national initiative that expresses the visions of multiple political and societal forces to overcome the current political crisis and achieve a safe transition to reach democratic civil rule in the country.
The initiative represents an open national platform in which everyone participates without conditions or restrictions, and the door is still open, and the number has so far reached 79 initiatives.
while the initiative defined the tasks of the transitional period, the nature and duration of the transitional period, partnership in managing the transitional period between the civilian component and the military component, and the parties to the peace process throughout the transitional period on the basis of trust.
The document defined the federal system of government while adhering to what was stated in the Juba Peace Agreement regarding the type of government (i.e. federal government). It also specified the institutions and levels of government at the federal, state, and local levels, provided that the Council of Ministers would consist of 20 ministers representing all the states of Sudan, with the nomination of a qualified prime minister. Nationality in broad consultation with political forces.

Approval of the Unified Text Overcoming the Political Crisis.

In continuation of unifying national initiatives aiming to overcome the current political crisis in Sudan, AcoGaps and the Center for Peace and Development Studies at the University of Bahri organized the fifth workshop on 12.4.2022, in which the unified text has been approved by major political parties, social blocks, and national figures, armed struggle movements, and leaders of civil society organizations.
The text has expressed most of the issues and visions of political and societal forces to overcome the challenges and risks facing the transitional period, and the essence and content of this initiative is the national consensus that It does not exclude anyone, as the period faced a real crisis between its partners with the escalation of differences between them, in addition to the complexities and intersections of the political scene, indicating that this crisis cast a shadow over the overall political, security, economic and social conditions, and in the face of these conditions many political and societal forces came together to prevent the country from relapsing in to collapse by launching national initiatives that aim to localize national solutions to Sudanese problems.

Cabinet Praises #AcoGaps for Efforts to Stifle Economic Crisis.

In its recent session on 3rd April 2022, the Council of Ministers listened to a report presented by the AcoGaps on the outcomes of a panel discussion organized by the Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance in March, under the title: The current economic and scenarios for transition to growth.
Dr. Mahmoud Zain Al-Abidin Al-Amin, Director of the African Center, indicated that the seminar came in the context of the Center’s efforts to contribute to overcoming the current political and economic crisis and aimed to hold a constructive discussion between experts and decision-making support institutions in order to reach specific and practical recommendations that would help overcome the crisis in the short and medium-term Strengthening links between experts and national institutions. praising efforts made by Dr. Anas Hassan Hamed for his valuable paper which enriched the discussion.
The ministers and directors of institutions praised the outputs presented and stressed the importance of bringing them down to reality by adopting them by all relevant institutions and stressed the need to raise them again in the economic sector meeting for further discussion.

National Initiatives to Overcome Sudan's Political Crisis

#AcoGaps – second of April 2022, The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies, in cooperation with the Center for Peace and Development Studies at the University of Bahri had organized the Workshop on the Drafting of a text Proposal for Unifying National Initiatives, in the presence of representatives of political parties, the armed struggle movements and leaders of the civil society organizations.
The aim of the workshop was to seek a rapid solution to the rising political crisis and the political deadlock in Sudan’s atmosphere, Political leaders from major parties had attended with great determination to find an immediate approach to control the situation and form a national government that leads the country to a democratic era. Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin -AcoGaps’s – Secretary-General stated that this process is made by National Sudanese for achieving a Sudanese solution, however, we call upon international and regional partners to render our national initiatives with the required support to make the move a success.

Panel Discussion on The Economic Situation, and Growth Scenarios.

#AcoGaps and the Federal Ministry of Finance held a high-level panel discussion on the current economic situation and growth scenarios on 2nd March 2022. A large number of experts, academics, researchers in the field of economy, directors of departments at the Ministry of Finance, representatives of ministries of the economic sector, media professionals, and representatives of civil society organizations participated in the symposium. The objective of the discussion was to discuss the current economic situation and its challenges, Strengthen cooperation and coordination between economic institutions, the private sector, experts, studies, and research centers, and exchange information and experiences.
The discussion came up with short and medium-term policy recommendations in order to reach practical solutions to the current economic crisis.

Unifying National Initiatives to Overcome the Current Political Crisis.

Dr. Mahmoud Zine El Abidine Mahmoud, Secretary-General of AcoGaps called for supporting efforts to reach a comprehensive national agreement to end the current political crisis, stated during a panel discussion held by the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies, and the Center for Peace and Development Studies – the University of Bahri, on 23rd February 2022, which came under the title (National Initiatives to Contain the Political Current Crisis – Challenges and Prospects for Success).
Dr. Mahmoud stressed that there are more than 70% of the convergent points between the various national components, which bodes well for the possibility of the success of national initiatives and a safe path to stability and security.
He stated that the solution must start from within, and then help comes from outside.
During the discussion in which twenty national initiatives were presented by many national political forces, including the initiative of the National Umma Party, Popular Congress Party, Sudanese wise people, and FFC national forces initiatives, agreed to strongly discuss unification in one comprehensive initiative in which everybody is represented and to form a technical body to come up with a unified text.

Improving Livelihood Activities in the Livestock Sector.

THE Ministry of Animal and Fishing Resources and #AcoGaps finalized constructive consultation on improving income-generating activities in the livestock sector, the initiative endeavors to expand business opportunities and investment based on wider participation of stakeholders, local investors, and herders, the project will start with two consultations workshops in South and East Darfur states under the auspices of H.E the Minister of Animal Resource, donors, International, regional partners, and large companies at the federal level will also take part.
Dr. Jihad Sayed Haggar- Director of Planning at the ministry who chaired the meeting, highlighted the benefits that would be gained by targeted groups from this vital project.

Joint Project with UNESCO.

#AcoGaps with generous funding from UNESCO will implement a project on countering hate speech and the Safety of Journalists as part of the UNESCO’s IPDC program, the project will be implemented in coordination with the National Committee on Education, knowledge, and Culture, and will cover the geographical areas of Darfur, Khartoum and Elgezeera regions. During the preparatory meeting at the UNESCO- Khartoum office premises, participants discussed priority activities, timeframe, and potential partners at the national and regional level, underscoring the necessity of the project and its timely interventions. The meeting was co-chaired by Dr. Ayman Badri-Deputy Head of the UNESCO office in Khartoum and Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin AcoGaps Secretary-General with high-level participation from the national committee on UNISC.


MOU between #AcoGaps & the Military Centre for Research and Strategic Studies.

The MOU aims at strengthening cooperation between the two institutions in various fields including research, joint seminars and forums, brainstorming sessions, lectures, workshops, capacity building for assistant researchers, and conduction of study trips for exchange of experiences with regional and international bodies.
Brig G. Motasim –Head of the Nimairi High Military Academy and Directors of Faculty of the National Defence, Faculty of War as well as national experts and AcoGaps partners attended.
This signing constitutes an opportunity for both centers to exchange information, research, and experiences in different fields, and pave the way for more partnerships with other national research institutes, Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabding –AcoGap’s Secretary-General stated.

Partnership With the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).

#AcoGaps and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) have agreed to an established partnership in all relevant fields according to the two institutions’ mandates, Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin – AcoGaps Secretary-General and Dr. Ismaeel Wadi –APRM Supervisor General emphasized the absolute importance of cooperation in promoting Governance issues, as well as other priority areas related to peace and transition. A briefing workshop on governance will be conducted in the third week of February 2022 to highlight the necessity of adopting good governance, promoting knowledge, increase the understanding and skills of the relevant institutions including the private sector and civil society organizations.
Dr. Mahmoud expressed pleasure and happiness with this timely partnership, referring to the importance of strengthening governance and rule of law as preconditions for sustainable stabilization in the country and the regional Zone. For his part, Dr.Ismaeel Wadi praised AcoGap’s initiatives in promoting Governance, encouraging more efforts by Civil society organizations in this field, and welcoming this constructive partnership in this critical transition period.

Meeting Between AcoGaps and African Union.

Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin #AcoGaps’s Secretary-General and H.E. Amb. Mohamed Bileash – Head of the African Union office in Khartoum held a meeting on 9 January 2022, which explored future cooperation in supporting peace & transition in Sudan and strengthening ties between Sudan and African bodies.
Dr. Mahmoud conveyed the thanks and gratitude of the center experts to Amb. Beleash and the African Union office in Khartoum for the continued support to Sudan especially in peace and security fields, requesting more roles and engagements with Sudanese actors to achieve lasting peace and sustainable stabilization in the country.

Training Workshop on UNSCR 1325.

The Minister of Social Development addresses the conclusion of the UN Resolution 1325 workshop on women, security, and peace organized by #AcoGaps in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development on 5,6th January 2022, the training workshop aimed to strengthen efforts in the implementation of the national plan for the UN Resolution 1325, which is related to women’s, security and peace. participants from Armed struggle movements, civil society, and relevant government institutions took part in the event
H.E. Mr. Ahmed Adam Bakheet, Minister of Social Development, stresses Sudan’s commitment to all international conventions and covenants that preserve the dignity of women and magnify their leadership and pioneering role in society. He praised the large attendance of leaders of armed struggle movements, adding that the outcomes and recommendations of the workshop would be the road map for implementing UN Resolution 1325.

Seminar on Sudanese Chadian Relations.

The Deputy Governor of the Darfur region, Dr. Muhammad Issa Aliu, addressed the open session of the Seminar on the Future of Sudanese-Chadian Relations organized by #AcoGaps and the Council of International People’s Friendship under the auspices of H.E Manni Mannawi -Governer of Darfur region.
Also highlighted the importance of conducting a border conference between the joint localities to discuss issues of concern to the population in the border strip.
For his part, the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Chad, Amer Youssef Ishak, said that holding such a seminar is worthy of producing fruitful production. It leads to the strengthening of relations between the two countries and the flow of visions that strengthen relations, stressing that the means for their development are favorable. The seminar aims to shed light on these relations, strengthen cultural relations, identify opportunities and challenges, devise solutions and visions that help in decision-making, and stand on regional and international developments.

Collaboration with the Government of the Darfur Region.

During his meeting with #AcoGaps’s senior management on 22 Dec 2021, The Deputy Governor of Darfur Dr. Eisa Alio praised the efforts made by #AcoGaps in strengthening ties & communication between Sudanese and African institutions, supporting dialogue and peace, especially with Chad, he praised efforts exerted by AcoGaps in maintaining peace, security, and development in the country, referring to previous events made by AcoGaps in collaboration with the Government of Darfur Region.


Promoting Community Peace and Preventing the Renewal of Civil Conflicts.

The Minister of Social Development, Ahmed Adam Bakheet, stressed the need to discuss the root causes of civil conflicts and work to collect weapons and provide security for citizens.
During his address to a seminar, organized by the AcoGaps and the Ministry of Social Development in cooperation with the Center for Peace Studies at Bahri University on18 December 2021, he urged urgent interventions to prevent humanitarian impacts, underscoring the importance of societal mechanisms and norms in managing Armed conflicts and preventing their recurrence. Bakhit praised the constructive roles played by the African Center in supporting Juba Peace Agreement and the Transitional period.
The seminar brought together a wide range of actors and stakeholders including representatives of all Sudanese security forces and armed struggle movements, university teachers and academia, native administration leaders, and civil society, and also honored by the presence of the Deputy Governor of the Darfur Region.

Validation Workshop on Early Warning and Youth Unemployment.

IGAD – Early Warning and Early Response Unit CEWARN has concluded a two-day validation workshop, Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin #AcoGaps’s Secretary-General delivered a presentation in the validation workshop in Entebbe on 24-25 October 2021 in which periodic thematic research from IGAD member states was presented, the theme for this year was Youth unemployment in relation to the 8 early warnings factors in IGAD member states. The workshop was important and timely for the region and Sudan in particular due to the challenges posed by youth unemployment and its severe impact on social, security, and political situations.


Training Course on the Design and Management of Professional Projects.

African Center for Governance, Peace, and Transition Studies #AcoGaps, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development, held a training workshop entitled: Design and Management of Professional Development Projects on November 9-11, 2021.
The training is aimed mainly at building the capacities of employees at the Ministry of Social Development, Commission for Refugees, and the National Council for Child Welfare in designing and managing the development and strategic projects, improving knowledge and skills for effective contribution to the transition in Sudan.
The opening and closing sessions were addressed by Mr. Jamal Elneel -undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development, Dr. Attroon – Commission for Refugees, and Dr.Mahmoud –#AcoGaps’s Secretary-General.

Cooperation With Arab African Media Union for Digital Media.

Abeer Al-Abdullah Al-Khraisha, Vice President of the Arab African Union for Digital Media, visited #AcoGaps and explored areas for future cooperation between the two institutions in several programs at a different level.
The two parties Highlighted the importance of signing an MOU that supports the transition from terrorism to positive change, from exclusion and marginalization to participation, solidarity, and representation, from war to peace, and from insecurity to peace and extremism.

The Transitional Sovereign Council Commends AcoGaps

Dr. Elhadi Idris – Member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, directed (AcoGaps) to implement programs that focus on enhancing social peace, protection of civilians, and sustainable development. During his meeting with the center’s leadership in the Republican Palace, he urged for more efforts to make the Juba Peace Agreement a reality particularly in the armed conflict-affected areas, IDPs, and refugees camps.
Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin – AcoGaps -Secretary-General explained the center’s endeavors in building the capacity of the armed struggle movements, civil society, local administration, and other different sectors to ensure smooth implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement and a successful transition in Sudan.


Training for Military Officers on POC

AcoGaps has organized lectures on civilian protection, international Humanitarian Law (IHL).Deputy head of military commander Brig. G.Dr. Elamin Yousif appreciated AcoGap’s efforts in raising awareness, enlightening, and capacity building in Darfur states, giving maximum priority to security and safety for civilians.
participants demonstrated appreciation and wished for the continuation of the AcoGaps efforts in peacebuilding.


Training on the protection of the civilians concluded in Al Fashir

(AcoGaps )organized a two-day training workshop on the protection of civilians in AlFashir at the University of AlFashir.The training workshop was organized under the auspices of H.E Commander Al Tahir Hajar – members of the Transitional Sovereign Council, chair of the Gathering of Liberation Forces on 12-13 October 2021. middle military leaders from the armed struggle movements and civil society in North Darfur state were the main participants.


Session on Opportunities and Challenges to Peacebuilding in Africa

AcoGaps and the Sudanese Council for Foreign Affairs held a panel discussion on Opportunities and Challenges to Peace Building in Africa, presented by Dr. Luca, Dean of Academic Affairs of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies.
Dr. Mahmoud Zain al-Abidin, Secretary-General of the AcoGaps revealed that a number of experts and academics had participated in the discussion, along with leaders of the Signatories to the Juba Peace Agreement from the armed struggle movements and representatives of the relevant government institutions, as well as the Director of the United States Institute of Peace in Sudan(USIP), also participated. The discussion comes within the programs of the African Center to enhance opportunities for communication with African organizations and international institutions interested in the issues of the continent. It also aims to enhance Sudan’s role, share lessons learned, best practice applications, and exchange knowledge and experiences.
Dr. Luca Biong pointed to the importance of governance in Africa to provide peace and security, noting the danger of the decline of democracy in Africa and the world at large. As well as the decline in the role of institutions, and the increase in spending huge budgets in the security sector at the expense of the citizen basic services, recommending more attention to the leadership in Africa that focus on institutional leadership, not individuals.


Dr.Luka Biong Deng Kuol Commended AcoGaps

Dr.Luka Biong Deng Kuol, Dean of the Academic Affairs at Africa Center for strategic studies (ACSS ) paid a visit to AcoGaps upon invitation from the Secretary-General Dr.Mahmoud Zinelabdin who
briefed him on the role of the center, programs, and fields of work, underscoring the potential role of AcoGaps in strengthening relations between Sudan and African countries, regional and sub-regional institutions.
He added that they invited Dr.Luka to present a deliberating session on peacebuilding in Africa to be co-organized with the Sudanese Council for Foreign Relations.
Dr.Luka Biong expressed his pleasure for the invitation and congratulated AcoGaps for the excellent work being undertaken since it was founded, and thanked AcoGaps for the invitation to join the Centre as an advisor on Governance, Peace, security issues.


Training on Protection and Civil-military Relations

Under the auspices of a member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Head of the Revolutionary Front Dr. Al Hadi Idris.  (Acogaps) organized training on the protection of civilians and Civil-military relations in Kourma Noth Darfur, the training came in the context of the Acogaps program supporting the implementation of the Juba peace agreement, and to support efforts of succeeding the Transitional period in Sudan. It aims to provide participants with acknowledgment, experiences, and techniques that enabling them to contribute effectively to enhance peace, stability, and effective participation in implementing the national strategy on protection of civilians. Professional trainers and scholars at Acogaps took part in the three-day training.


Inauguration of Protection of Civilians Training

Governor of Darfur MiniArku Minawi addressed today in Al Fashir capital of North Darfur the training workshop on peacebuilding and protection of civilians organized by the African Center for Governance. peace and Transition (Acogaps) in the period 13-15 September 2021. He lauded the role of Acogaps in the invitations and organizing of such training workshops and seminars tackling the peace issues.
Acogaps secretary-general, Dr.Mahmoud Zein AlAbdin stated that the training targeted 100 participants from Military components of the Armed Struggled movements and tackled many aspects including human rights, International Humanitarian Law, strategic planning, elements of drafting strategies. Peacebuilding in the conflict-affected areas. Role of the local community in peacebuilding.Relations between the armed struggled movements and the civilians. Protection of vulnerable categories in society, as well as Protection of civilians from the UN perspective and the national strategy on protection of civilians.


AcoGaps Participated in the IGAD's Durable Solutions Consultation on IDPs and Refugees

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Kanjari, Deputy Secretary-General of AcoGaps participated in the workshop of the National Strategy for Sustainable Solutions to Displacement in Sudan as part of the regional initiative, launched by the IGAD for Sudan and South Sudan, held on 15-16 August 2021 in the resort of Al-Salouqa in River Nile State.


AcoGaps Meets - Head of The Rwandan Diplomatic Mission

Dr. Mahmoud zainelabdeen- Secretary-General of the African Centre for Governance, Peace, and Transition (AcoGaps) had a meeting with H.E Abel BUHUNGU, Head of the Rwanda Diplomatic Mission to Sudan.
Dr. Mahmoud briefed the Head of Mission on the Centre’s policies, programs, activities, and priorities and expressed AcoGaps’ interest in making use of Rwanda’s good expertise and lessons learned in peacebuilding as well as local development, in order to support Sudan’s transition.
On his part, H.E Abel thanked AcoGaps for visiting the Mission and for their interest in sharing Rwanda’s experience.
He assured the Secretary-General of the Diplomatic Mission’s readiness to support AcoGaps in accordance with the standing request and the former’s mandate. He further noted that this was of bilateral value to both countries since AcoGaps was introduced to the Diplomatic Mission by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan.


Partnership with Businessmen for Youth Empowerment

AcoGaps honored the Engineer, businessman, Murtaja Abdullah Mahfouz, for generous support to peace-building, protection of civilians, youth capacity building and empowerment, provision of devices, emphasizing the importance of the partnership With businessmen in supporting peace and stabilization projects.


Inaugurating Protection of Civilians Training

AcoGaps organized a training workshop on the protection of civilians on 18,19 August 2021 for armed struggled movements that signed the Juba Peace Agreement. the training endeavored to enhance efforts aimed at supporting the transitional period, working papers delivered by UNITAMS, relevant ministries.


DCAF Visits AcoGaps

(AcoGaps) held discussion with the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), Mr. Alexander Burian – SSR Senior Advisor has been briefed on the AcoGap’s efforts and interest in future cooperation with DCAF to Enhance peace and stability in Sudan, Making use of the wide experiences of DCAF in relevant fields.

IMG-20210714-WA0087 (1)

AcoGaps Participates in the IGAD session on the Red Sea

AcoGaps participated in the 4th session of the IGAD Task Force on The Red Sea and the Gulf of Adan 13-15 July 2021, the session brought together representatives of IGad member states and centres of excellence in the region. Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin -AcoGaps Secretary-General tookpart in the session upon an Invitation by the office of the IGAD special Envoy to Somalia and the Red Sea.


Workshop for Media Professionals on Peacebuilding

A workshop for media professionals on peace building was organized by AcoGaps on 6-7 July 2021,under the patronage of Dr. Al-Hadi Idris, member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and President of the Revolutionary Front. Media professionals responsible for peace files and issues in various media outlets were fully participated. As the workshop aimed to provide a platform for sharing Experiences, lessons learned and scientific practices, and to enhance their guidance to promote community peace and reach a typical media message that fits into current contexts to promote community peace.


AcoGaps Sponsored The "Media for Peace" Entity

A group of journalists launched a media group initiative under the name “Media for Peace” that aims to strengthen the culture of peace, other acceptance, countering hate speech, and violence.


Minni Calls for Tolerance and Breaking Isolation Collars Among Communities

Addressing the opening session of the Seminar on Countering Hatred and Renouncing Violence, organized by the African Center for Governance, Peace & Transition Studies (AcoGaps), under the slogan: Societal Tolerance as a Pillar for Peace & Development on June, 6, the Governor of Darfur Region and Chairman of the Sudan Liberation Movement/ Army Minni Arco Minnawi, called for tolerance, renouncing violence and breaking the isolation collars between the diverse community components, and enable them to interact, based on the positive frameworks. He further called for addressing the issue of the armed militias, addressing the root causes of the conflict and reintegrating all armed militias in the armed forces through security arrangements programs, adding that hatred speech was forced on the society as accumulative inheritance through many generations until it becomes a pattern which was used by some parties to inferior others. Minni called for adopting programs targeting all citizens through educational curricula and further called for an open dialogue that brings all together. He attributed the continuation of hatred speech to the political elites, who did not work to eliminate the hatred speech and not to educate and raise the awareness of the society, but instead, worked to protect their political interests, a situation that led to the fragmentation of the country and may lead to more fragmentation if not properly addressed. He finally called for enacting legislation that criminate practicing of hatred speech in order to trap and uproot it.


AcoGaps Praises the Contribution of the (UNESCO) Ambassador for Peace

Dr. Ali Mahdi – the UNESCO Ambassador for Peace affirmed his commitment as an artist and ambassador of UNESCO for peace to achieve the visions and plans of AcoGaps, describing the strategies on which the center is based as a project of total change and the foundation for serious work in human and social relations.


launching Language Promotion Project

African Center for Governance Peace and Transition Studies(AcoGaps) inaugurates the launching of the Strengthening Language Project that designed to support University students in improving English language skills and gain more knowledge.


Cooperation Between AcoGaps and the National Commission for Human Rights

Dr. Rifaat Al-Amin-Chairman of the Steering Committee of the National Commission for Human Rights praised the great role played by AcoGaps in capacity-building, rehabilitation, awareness-raising in the field of human rights that targeted armed struggle movements and civil society organizations in order to promote the human rights situation in Sudan.


Agreement Between AcoGaps and (Tamazuj) on Capacity Building

AcoGaps welcomed the great national will of the Third Front Movement (Tamazuj), which responded to achieve peace in Sudan and its willingness to contribute to the democratic transition and national cohesion, AcoGaps will provide training and technical support for the movement on the protection of civilians and democratic transformation.


Discussing the Possibility of Organizing Courses on Peace and Conflicts Related to the Environment

The Environmental Initiative for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with AcoGaps, organized a consultative meeting to support a peaceful solution for the Renaissance Dam crisis, a number of experts, specialists, academics, and CSOs took part. institutions.


An enlightening Meeting for The Environmental Initiative Organization and The Vision of the African Coalition on the Grand Renaissance Dam

AcoGaps & the Sudanese Society for Environmental Protection agreed to organize joint training courses on peace and environment-related conflicts targeting government agencies, civil society organizations, and peace partners to consolidate mitigating environmental-based conflicts

Journalists for International Humanitarian Law

ICRC and AcoGaps Concluded the third training workshop on IHL on 24.04.2021, the training targeted Media professionals and journalists and aimed at strengthening the contribution of Media institutions and Journalists in raising awareness of IHL and humans Rights.


Second Training Course on IHL Concluded

ICRC and AcoGaps Concluded the second training workshop on IHL on22.04.2021, the training targeted Middle-Class Leaders from the Sudanese Armed Struggled movements to increase their capacities in improving the overall human rights situations in the war-affected and vulnerable communities.

IMG-20210421-WA0053 (1)

President of The Sudanese Coalition Visits AcoGaps

Khamis Abdullah: Head of Sudanese coalition, a signatory to the Juba Peace Agreement, upon his visit to AcoGaps emphasizes the importance of dialogue and consultation with experts to achieve peace, and commends work undertaken by AcoGaps, stresses the importance of addressing roots of the Sudanese crisis. especially the peace stability, development, and democratic transition process.


Launching a Training Workshop for Armed Struggle Movements on International humanitarian law

ICRC & AcoGaps are increasing efforts in Improving Skills, Knowledge, and understanding of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) as a cornerstone for long-term stabilization and socio-economic development at all levels, especially for middle leaders of the armed struggle movements.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-30 at 21.49.21

Boosting Sudanese African Public Diplomacy

AcoGaps & The International Council for Public Diplomacy on 30 March 2021, organized a seminar on Sudan’s Public Diplomacy towards Africa, the event came as part of the AcoGaps endeavors to strengthen the presence and ties between Sudan and African countries.

Improving the Sudanese Arms Collection Project

AcoGaps organized a seminar on the national Arms Collection project -Achievements, Challenges, and the Road Map on” 22nd March, with the participation of experts, armed struggle movements, security institutions, and civil service leaders. Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council promised to sponsor follow-up implementation for the sake of enhancing peace, security, and citizens’ well-being.

Lessons Learned From Countering Violence Against Women

AcoGaps in collaboration with the Unit for Combating Violence against Women and Children conducted a workshop on lessons learned in combating violence against women and children to the women leaders of the armed struggle movements. the workshop aimed to assist signatories to Juba Peace Agreement to increase their capacities for better implementation on the ground.


AcoGaps Rewards Mr. Tazura

AcoGaps honored Mr.Mohamed al-Sharif Tazura on 13/2/2021 for his generous support to the community peace project that resulted in successful reconciliations in the conflict areas in Darfur.


Orientation Workshop on Child Protection

AcoGaps and the Sudanese Council for Children  co-organized an orientation workshop for the leaders of the armed struggle movements  Who signed the Juba agreement, the workshop aimed at strengthening cooperation in preventing recruitment of children

AcoGaps and the Sudanese Council for Children  co-organized an orientation workshop for the leaders of the armed struggle movements  Who signed the Juba agreement, the workshop aimed at strengthening cooperation in preventing recruitment of children


Experts Session on Strengthening Community Peace and Conflict Prevention In Darfur

The Sudanese Council for Foreign Affairs and AcoGaps organized on 10-February 2021  Experts session on Strengthening Community peace and conflict prevention in Darfur as part of AcoGaps advisory support to the decision making bodies in the country.

Training Workshop on Democratic Transformation

AcoGaps organized a training course for the middle leaders of the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) on Democratic Transformation, the training took place at AcoGaps’s H.Q on 3-4 February 2021 as part of its endeavors in transforming the Armed Stragled movements to political parties.


Leading figures from Mannawi Armed Struggle Movements Visit AcoGaps

(AcoGaps) affirms its support for the programs of armed struggle movements aimed at supporting the transition to peace, and stability. on 25. January 2021, the center welcomed the visit Mr. Ahmed Gardia- Assistant Head of the Sudan Liberation Army Movement, praised the Center’s efforts in conducting training and capacity-building courses for armed struggle movements to increase their knowledge and skills in relevant areas of transition, peace, and governance.


AcoGaps Trains Police on the Protection of Civilians

African Center for Governance, Peace, and Transition Studies participated in a training course on the protection of civilians took place in Khartoum on 17 January 2021, the training conducted in cooperation with the General Administration of the Sudanese Police Forces, and aimed to strengthen knowledge and skills of the police officers who will be deployed in Darfur for protection of civilians as the Government taking over protection responsibilities in the area where UNAMID has withdrawn.


Bilateral Cooperation Between AcoGaPs and Sudanese Voice

African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies and Sudanese Voice newspaper has agreed to coordinate and cooperate jointly to support the transitional period and peace agreement, they also agreed to support peacebuilding and community stabilization, migration of women and youth, and human rights, and protection of civilians.


AcoGaps launched its Youth Capacity Project

Youth capacity building is in the heart of Acogaps’s Transition Project which aims to build capacities and resilience of actors at the national and local levels to positively contribute to state-building, community stabilization, and long-term socio-economic development in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The project will empower youth socially, politically, and economically through a wider range of activities.


Chairperson of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front launches a Training Workshop on Leadership and Planning

The Chairperson of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF)- Dr. Elhadi Idriss has emphasized capacity building During his speech on 6/January 2021 in a training workshop on leadership and planning, organized by AcoGaps as part of its Transition project from War to Peace that targets middle and senior leaders of the Armed Struggle Movements. the project aims at achieving lasting peace and paving the way for sustainable socio-economic development in war-affected areas.


Premier Canadian Business Solutions Inc. Visits AcoGaps

Today January 4, 2021 ACOGAPS meeting in the presence of Dr. Hamed Eljazuri Senior Migration Expert of AcoGaps, Dr. Mahmoud Zainlabdin Mahmoud, Seretary General ACOGAPS, and MS. Jamila Aman, CEO and Managing Director of Premier Canadian Business Solutions Inc. A leading Canadian Capacity Building Organization for NGOs and Civil Society.


African Center for Governance Studies and Interior Media Agree on Joint Cooperation

African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies, and the Ministry of Interior’s information have agreed to coordinate and cooperate jointly between them to implement the requirements for implementing peace and bring them down to the ground.

IMG-20201226-WA0053 (2)

AcoGaps and Signatories to Peace Agreement Emphasis Capacity Building

AcoGaps met a high-level delegation from the Sudan Liberation Movement-the Transitional Council (Signatory to Juba peace Agreement ) and Agreed on a package of training on transition and stabilization fields.


Workshop on the Repercussions of the Conflict in the Tigray Region and its Impact on the Problems of Smuggling and Human Trafficking

On 24 December 2020, African Center for Governance, Peace, and Transition Studies (AcoGaps) and the Commission for Refugees (COR) have co-organized a national workshop on the Repercussions of the conflict in the Tigray region and its impact on the problems of smuggling and human trafficking.


National Experts Emphasize Good Governance

A high-level discussion was held on the 10th of October 2020 at AcoGaps Headquarters on good governance as a critical element for a successful transition in Sudan.
National Experts who took part in the discussion called upon government authorities to place good governance as a key priority to ensure a united and coherent nation, assuring their willingness to render whatever support required in this vital field as a pre-request for sustainable development


RECSA Commends AcoGaps

The Regional Centre On Small Arms (RECSA ) based in Nairobi Kenya – has appreciated efforts being undertaken by AcoGaps and the Government of Sudan in Arms Collection and Destruction as part of the African Union Gun Silence Road Map 2017- 2020.
Mr. Abubaker Ntambi -Regional Expert- Knowledge Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation, expressed the interest of RECSA in supporting Sudan’s initiatives in arms collection, peace, and security through cooperation AcoGaps and concerned Government authorities in making these initiatives more effective and sustainable.

IMG-20201209-WA0026 (2)

Cooperation Between AcoGaps and the Ministry of Chamber of Governance.

The ministry of the Chamber of Governance and AcoGaps have explored areas of cooperation and coordination in relevant fields especially issues related to supporting the transitional period and implementation of the Juba peace agreement. Dr. Hassan Nasrallah – Undersecretary of the Chamber of Governance who Hosted Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin – Secretary-General of AcoGaps stressed the importance of strengthening the partnership between Thing Tanks and Government institutions in making the clauses of the transitional Document and Juba Peace Agreement a reality.


Acogaps Participate Withe IGAD's

Acogaps participates in the national consultative meeting on the Illicit Circulation of SALW with regards to ATT and other relevant regional and international instruments in addition to Table Top Exercise (TTX) on SALW mapping of gaps in Sudan.

20201203_121023 (1)

AcoGaps & Sudan's National Peace Commission Confirm Importance of Supporting Juba Peace Agreement

The Chairperson of the National Peace  Commission  in Sudan received an enlightenment on the programs and activities carried out by AcoGaps in supporting  the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement,  through a package of different activities of   training and capacity building  for members of the  armed struggle movement, civil society organizations, media professionals, and government institutions, appreciating the pioneering role of the Peace Commission in  strengthening community stabilization  throughout Sudan, confirming the center’s readiness to contribute to activities and programs to be undertaken by the Commission  at this critical stage. Professor Suleiman Diplo  – President of the National peace  commission indicated the importance  of explaining the agreement  to the grassroots levels and the critical role of the civil society organization in sustaining peace.



Ethiopian Crisis Developments and Issues Related to the Conflict

Sudanese Council for Foreign Affairs and the AcoGaps Studies organized a follow-up panel discussion on the developments of the Ethiopian crisis entitled the role of the international community and national organizations towards refugees and other issues related to the conflict.



An Agreement to Implement the Transition and Transitional Justice Program in South Darfur.

The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies AcoGaps and the Humanitarian Aid Commission in South Darfur have agreed on a number of projects related to training and capacity building during the coming period.
The Secretary-General of the African Center, Dr. Mahmoud Zain Al-Abdeen, discussed with the Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid in South Darfur Karamuddin Adam Karamuddin, in the presence of the Director of the Global Ferasa Center for Training and Capacity Building, Dr. Muhammad Al-Fateh, the Assistant Director of the Office of International Relations in the state, Mr. Siddiq Makram, and the representative of the General Intelligence Service in the state for cooperation and capacity building For governmental institutions and civil society organizations in the state.


strategic seminar

African Center for Governance Peace and Transition Studies Calls on the Leaders of the Armed Struggle to Create a State of Justice and Citizenship.

The strategic seminar for leaders of armed struggle movements concluded its work on Saturday, which was organized by the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies, in cooperation with the Leadership Training Center of the Higher Military Academy at the Academy’s headquarters in Omdurman after the learners received training doses in the administration of national affairs. Through strategic knowledge that determined the scientific map of the state leadership.


A Delegation from Security Council Resolution 1591 Mr. Nikolai Dobronravov Visited the Center (AcoGaps).

The regnal expert of the UN Panel of Experts on Sudan, Security Council Resolution 1591 Mr. Nikolai Dobronravov visited the African Center for Governance Peace, and Transition Studies (Acogaps). Dr. Mahmoud Zainelabideen, Secretary-General briefed on the Center’s mandate, priorities, ongoing activities especially capacity building and advisory in support of the recently signed Juba Peace Agreement, commending the panel continued efforts in enhancing peace and stability in Darfur.
Mr. Nikolai appreciated all visible contributions made by Acogaps to increase knowledge and skills, particularly in peacebuilding.

Revolutionary Front Stresses

A Delegation from the Revolutionary Front Stresses the Importance of Training

During their visit to the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies Leaders of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front stressed the importance of training and capacity building to meet the requirements of the next stage of the implementation of the peace agreement.


A Training Course for Employees of the Movements, Nimeiri Academy.

On Sunday 26 October 2020, at Nimeiri Higher Academy, the activities of a five-day strategic ring program started by the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies, and the Ishraqat al-Ghad Center for Studies and Development, in cooperation with the Leadership Training Center at Nimeiri Academy, began.
The program aims to train learners, including several members of the movements that signed the peace agreement recently in Juba.
Major General Ezz El-Din Othman, Director of the Nimeiri Academy, welcomed the students, expressing their readiness to provide all necessary for the course to achieve its goals.
Major General (m) Dr. said. Muhammad Khojaly, Director of the Leadership Training Center, Highlighted the center contributed to training in various fields, indicating the need for the participants to benefit by interacting and asking questions so that they can build real capacity in this important field.
From his part, Engineer. Abdullah Taxas, Deputy Director of the Ishraqat al-Ghad Center, emphasized the importance of training and the major role that the signatories of the peace agreement are expected to play during the transition phase.
In turn, Dr. Mahmoud Zain Al-Abidine, Secretary-General of the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies, stressed that the aims of the course are to build capacities of the participants of the armed struggle movements who recently signed the Juba Agreement and the Abyei Administration affiliates in strategic aspects and higher leadership skills.


International Crisis Group Visited AcoGaps.

Ms. Camfort -Director of Africa and Mr. Jonas Horner. Deputy of East Africa at the International Crisis Groups visited AcoGaps and have been briefed on the center’s plans, activities and scope of work.


The Impacts of the Juba Peace Deal on Transition in Sudan

AcoGaps has organized a visit with the International Crisis Groups to Ishragat Elmostagbal center studies and Development in which they discussed the impacts of the Juba peace agreement on transition in Sudan.

Sudanese Revolutionary

The Sudanese Revolutionary Front Stresses the Importance of Training and Capacity Building for the Successful Implementation of The JUBA Peace Agreement.

The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies proposed to the delegation of the introduction to the Revolutionary Group to hold multiple pillars for comprehensive peace to discuss the training needs of the agreement’s various tricks and the best ways to preach the agreement and introduce it.

The Secretary-General of the African Center, Dr Mahmoud Zain El-Abidin said that the delegation of the introduction to the Revolutionary Front headed by Professor Muhammadin Ishaq, the leader of the Revolutionary Front and the official spokesperson of the Sudan Liberation Movement – the Transitional Council and a member of the delegation of the presenter who registered a visit to the centre at the request of its administration to know the centre’s various activities and to introduce the centre, its activities and its role In support of the transition.

He explained that he explained the centre’s role in supporting the transition by focusing on the success of the transitional period, preaching the agreement and publicizing it, and creating the appropriate atmosphere to implement its provisions, in addition to the role of youth and women and placing them in the priority of projects and programs, especially transformative and professional training.

Zain El-Abdin stressed the importance of capacity building by focusing on the transformation program, especially the transition from war to peace, from relief and aid to development, and poverty and want to self-reliance, praising at the same time the courageous positions that serve to take in signing the peace agreement in Juba, stressing the need for the parties to work to support the program Peace and transformation and the necessity to focus training on the groups affected by the war, with attention to all tracks, including the eastern Sudan path.

The members of the centre listened to members of the delegation to inform about the peace agreement and its various provisions, especially the tracks on which the negotiations went until the agreement was reached.

The Secretary of Training and Rehabilitation in the Justice and Equality Movement and a member of the delegation of the foreground, Amer El-Lakka Coco stressed the importance of transferring training from the centre to the states, with attention to the affected groups and regions, and the need to pay attention to achieving transformation and self-reliance, indicating the importance of following the modern scientific and technical methodology in the training process and that the training is professionally, and insertion modern technologies, especially e-learning, and that training includes all levels … Amer stressed the need for training to include all sectors of society, with a focus on women, youth, displaced people and refugees.

Liberation Army stresses

Sudan Liberation Army/Movement Stresses the Importance of Capacity Building.

A delegation from the Sudan Liberation Army/ Movement led by Commander Manni Arko Minawi paid a visit to the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies(AcoGaps).  The delegation was led by the movement’s chief advisor for media and communication affairs, Dr. Mustafa Al-Jamil, and Brigadier General, Khaled Abdullah Mustafa, and accompanied by a number of military and political leaders as well as officials from the office of Khartoum State.  Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdeen, Secretary-General of AcoGaps, stated that the meeting touched upon supporting the recently signed Juba peace agreement, contributing to making the agreement a reality, stimulating popular participation in raising awareness about the peace agreement, and strengthening consultation with various relevant institutions in order to mobilize their support.
He added that the meeting discussed issues pertaining to training and capacity building, confirming the AcoGaps’s readiness to offer training and capacity building and to extend security and stability.

Zinelabdeen appreciated the active role and the courageous step taken by the movement in signing the peace agreement in Juba – particularly, efforts made by Commander Minawi, Lieutenant General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, and the two negotiating delegations.
Zinelabdeen said that what was achieved in Juba was the result of a sincere political will to attain peace while also praising the patience of the negotiating parties in Juba where the talks culminated in the signing of the agreement. He emphasized that the Juba agreement differs from other agreements as it addresses the root causes of the problems in Darfur.

The movement’s delegation praised the efforts of the center and the programs, expecting the center to have a major role in the coming period


UNDP-Stabilization Unit Commends AcoGaps Programs.

AcoGaps has expressed its willingness to Cooperate with UNDP in all relevant programs. During the visit of UNDP’s Stabilization Unit to AcoGaps on 8/9/2020, Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin, Secretary-General of AcoGaps,  welcomed the UNDP representatives, Mr. Tomokazu Serizawa and Mr. Saidu Sankoh. Zinelabdin praised the UNDP for carrying out continuous stabilization efforts in many parts of Sudan. Serizawa applauded the idea and approach of the center in supporting, peace, governance, and transition in Sudan and potentially in the rest of Africa

experts of the Center

AcoGaps's Experts on Peace Building Discussed Way Forward.

Several experts chaired by H.E.G, Awad Alnil Dahiya, a senior expert in human rights, security, peace & transitional justice, have conducted a brainstorming session on the best ways for moving towards effective peace and security in the wake of the recently signed Juba peace agreement between Sudan Transitional Government (TGOS) and Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF). Participants focused on bridging gaps between peace agreement clauses and implementation on the ground effectively and sustainably, along with emphasis on how to best address challenges of the peace process. Dialogue involved undertaking comprehensive, integrated, and coherent approaches, based on a package of interventions comprised of security, political, stabilization, and humanitarian pillars.

AcoGaps experiences support to Abyei administration

AcoGaps Expresses Support to Abyei Administration.

The African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies affirmed its support for all efforts undertaken by the Abyei Administration in achieving peace and stabilization in the area.
The Secretary-General of the Center, Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin, said during his meeting with the head of the administration of Abyei, Mr. Jumah Daoud, that the center will use all of its capacity to offer quality technical support, promote and strengthen youth and women programs. Moreover, he congratulated Daoud on his assignment to the administration during the coming period.
He referred to the importance of work in Abyei, its stability, and the dire need for development and transformation projects while also stressing the center’s readiness to assist the administration, attract donors, and provide technical advice. He said that the visit is a step to strengthen cooperation between the center and the Abyei region.

tribune of Juba

National Arms Collection Committee in Sudan Commended AcoGaps.

The Secretary-General of the National Arms Collection Higher Committee, Major General Abdelhadi Abdullah Osman, has commended the excellent work done by AcoGaps as one of Africa’s leading institutions working to support peace and transition in Africa through the provision of technical capacity, training, and advisory services on good governance, peacemaking, peace building, conflict prevention, protection of civilians, countering violent extremism (CVE) and migration. General Osman also highlighted the important efforts being undertaken by AcoGaps on arms control and armed violence reduction activities. This came during his visit to the AcoGaps H.Q ON 25 August 2020.
From his part, Dr. Mahmoud Zainelabdin Mahmoud, Secretary-General of AcoGaps, appreciated the achievements done by the Committee which resulted in promoting peace, stability, economic and social development in different parts of the country. He added that the recent African Union Summit has recognized the work done by Sudan on arms collection which has been fully in line with the African Union initiative on “Guns salience in the continent.
Both sides agree to continue cooperation on a wide range of activities that fall within the core mandate of the two institutions.

Training workshop

Training Workshop on Personal Capacity Improvement

In collaboration with Lord Foundation, the African Centre for Governance peace and Transition Studies (Acogaps) has concluded a two-day workshop on Personal capacity development delivered to Middle leaders on the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) on 14 and 15th August at the premises of (JEM) in the capital Khartoum. The overall objective of the training workshop is to improve skills and capacities of JEM’s middle leaders to effectively implement the clauses of the forthcoming peace agreement currently being negotiated with the Transitional Government in Juba, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan. Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin, Secretary-General of AcoGaps confirmed the center support to the implementation of the peace agreement through the provision of capacity building, training, advisory, advocacy, and direct operations. He also disclosed a series of training workshops in various priority fields to be conducted over the course of the coming month.


African Centers Praise the Progress In the Tribune of Juba.

Khartoum: alhakim News
The African Center for Peace and Transformation Studies welcomed the signing of 7 protocols in the Darfur track within the round of negotiations held in Juba between the Sudanese government and the armed struggle movements.
The Secretary-General of the African Center, Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin, said that signing these protocols represents the right direction to address the roots of the problem in Darfur and encouraged other parties to join the peace process in Sudan.
Dr. Zinelabdin praised the efforts made by the mediation in the State of South Sudan represented by President Salvakiir Mayardit, the advisor of Tut Qalwak and Dhimatouk, stressing that Juba was the best tribune towards the peace process in Sudan.
He stressed that the Center has prepared plans and programs to make peace solid, and said that the Center will announce it during the coming period, which will support the sustainability of peace.


Training Workshop for Rapid Support Forces.

The African Centre for Governance Peace and Transition Studies (AcoGaps) and the United Nations & African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) have conducted a three-day high-level training workshop during the period from 26-28 February 2020 on Human Rights and International Human Rights Law, the training took place at Coral Hotel in Khartoum with high-level participation from the first Class Commanders and leaders of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The opening session addressed by H.E. LT General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo Hemaittee, the First Vice President of the Sovereign Transitional Council, H.E Mamabolo the JSR of UNAMID and the Commissioner of human rights Ms. Huria Abdelgadir. A variety of presentations also delivered by relevant government and international institutions including Disarmament Demobilization & Reintegration (DDR) Commission, Council for Child Welfare, Human Rights Commission, Peace Commission, The Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR), and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA).

It’s worth mentioning UNAMID and RSF have agreed to continue cooperation in capacity building of RSF personnel on Human Rights, protection of civilians, and child protection.

Provision CAVID -19

Provision of Food Support for Needy Families

AcoGaps and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation have provided food support to families in Elazhari residential Area – Gabal Awlia Locality in Khartoum. The activity targeted needy families including refugees from South Sudan to help them endure stay at home and lockdown orders that have been imposed by the ministry of health and Khartoum State Authorities as measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

AcoGaps hosts UNAMID’s Human Rights Section Delegation

A coordination meeting is held at the H.Q of AcoGaps on 23rd January 2020 between the United Nations & African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID ) – Human Rights Section and the Human Rights department of AgoGaps. UNAMID’s delegation was chaired by Dr. Abou Jeng. The meeting discussed arrangements for the training workshop for the Rapid Support Forces (RSF ) sponsored by UNAMID with logistical coordination by AcoGaps. The training workshop aims to improve the knowledge and skills in Human rights and protection of civilians as well as coordination with relevant UN and National bodies.
Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabdin, Secretary-General of AcoGaps, has commended efforts undertaken by UNAMID in supporting peace and stabilization in Darfur, and expressed interest in strengthening cooperation in the future.

Activities and Event

Visit & Interviews by the Institute of Security Studies (ISS)

The Institute of Security Studies (ISS) has paid a visit to Sudan upon invitation by AcoGaps. The visit aims to conduct a series of interviews with key actors on political transitions in Sudan in the wake of the revolutions that put an end to Elbasheer Regime. ISS was represented by the researcher Ms. Shewit Woldemichael who met with Dr. Mahmoud Zinelabin, Secretary-General of AcoGaps, and the delegation of Justice and Equality Movements (JEM), chaired by Mr. Babikir Hamadain. The interview focuses on the prospects of and challenges to ongoing peace negotiations between struggle movements and the transitional government currently taking place in Juba, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan.