Migration, Women and Youth

Sudan is an important hub for migration in Africa.  It is a transit for, a destination for, and a producer of, migrants and refugees.  Sudan lies at the heart of migratory routes connecting East and West Africa to the Mediterranean sea in Europe, the Gulf States and Southern Africa. It’s also the third largest host country for refugees and asylum seekers currently estimated at over 1.1 million individuals. Approximately 4.8 million people (including refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons) are in need of humanitarian assistance.

AcoGaps is engaged in efforts to tackle border and migration issues in Sudan such as conflicts and insecurities that transcend the border, and as a result, benefit Sudan and its neighboring states.

AcoGaps will provide a package of activities for countering irregular migration, and strengthening cooperation between states and their citizens, as well as for increasing awareness on the danger and negative impact of migration.

AcoGaps efforts aim at increasing stability in vulnerable communities that are affected by migration by building the resilience of such communities: 

1- Providing durable solutions to the refugees and host communities by supporting their protection and long-term development.

2- Improving migratory management by contributing to disrupt the criminal networks involved and to offer the victims opportunities for voluntary reintegration into their communities of origin.

The overall objective of AcoGaps interventions is to promote and strengthen local, national, and regional capacities to better predict, prevent, and counter migrant smuggling and human trafficking across Sudan and in the regional zone.

AcoGaps attaches due consideration to cooperation on migration as an integral part of broader engagements in peace and security issues.  A human rights development approach is at the heart of all AcoGaps interventions, therefore AcoGaps leads efforts to promote respect for human rights and a more conducive environment for civil society in Sudan.  The interventions incorporate effective dialogue on migration and human trafficking to counter migrant smuggling. These efforts are essential to support countries in transition, and Sudan, in particular. 

During the coming months, AcoGaps will undertake several training and capacity building activities that aim at increasing knowledge and skills; and also the exchange of good practices and lessons learned. Additionally, AcoGaps is very much interested in creating constructive partnerships with national, regional, and international bodies to ensure all activities are in accordance with objectives and priorities.