Peace and Security

AcoGaps has established a department for peace and security to contribute to addressing insecurity challenges posed by the proliferation, misuse, and illegal possession of small arms and light weapons (SALW); as well as by the irregular migration, smuggling of people, human trafficking, extremist activities, land mines, and foreign fighters. AcoGaps will work on the below areas of focus to promote peace and security.

Arms Control and Community Security

In these particular field, AcoGaps will continue to support the African Union road map for the initiative, “Silencing the Guns in Africa” as one of main Africa’s initiatives to prevent and resolve conflict, as well as support member states in their endeavors to control the scourge of arms proliferation in the continent.

 AcoGaps will undertake a package of activities in curbing the devastating spread of small arms and light weapons through awareness-raising and  mindset shifting. It will also build the capacity of concerned national authorities to develop their national action plans; as well as fulfill the obligations of international and regional agreements, protocols and instruments. Moreover, Acogaps will support ongoing efforts by Africa’s member states in arms control and armed violence reduction.

Security Sector Reforms (SSR)

AcoGaps provides practical support and assistance to African member states, regional organizations, and national NGOs to reinforce and strengthen their efforts to improve security and justice – primarily in conflict-affected and fragile settings. Additionally, AcoGaps develops and promotes appropriate norms at the national and local levels, advocates good practices and conduct research to make recommendations to ensure effective and professional security sector. AcoGaps also aims to increase the capacity of the national governments, regional organizations and local stakeholders to support security sector reforms (SSR) processes,  assist in planning, identify entry points and enhance the effectiveness and quality of SSR programs. ACoGaps provides support through the provision of four key services: advisory field support, knowledge service, training support and assistance in the implementation of security arrangements made at peace talks.

Countering Violence extremism and Terrorism CVE/T

AcoGaps works to engage with concerned national, regional and international bodies in their efforts to counter violent extremism (CVE) especially in the development and implementation of the national action plans.

AcoGaps focuses its efforts in promoting the role of civil society including CSOs in prevention, rehabilitation, and reintegration of former extremists or youth who are at risk of being recruited by extremist groups. AcoGaps is supporting recovery from the effects of violent extremism and terrorism, especially when they return to local communities, through the provision of physio-social and economic support, the facilitation and strengthening of engagement between returnees and host communities, provision of education, mental health, as well as assistance to governments in addressing challenges posed by the returnees and relocators.

AcoGaps considers the participation of civil society as crucial since the scourge of violent extremism and terrorism is felt most acutely at the local level, where the CSOs often have the best knowledge of the access to and engagement with violence and conflict.

In the case of Sudan, AcoGaps will work closely with Commission for Countering Violent Extremis and Money Laundering, and with the focal point that comprises many relevant institutions and think tanks. AcoGaps will enhance the coordination of civil society efforts in addressing challenges related to CVE/T.