Human Rights and Rule of Law


of Negotiation Management Training Cours

Migration Women and Youth


A constructive high level training course on Crises management and negotiation skills

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African Center for Governance, Peace and Transition Studies It is one of the Sudanese civil society organizations, founded in 2019, to become one of the leading African institutions in the fields of :

Our Vision

To become an African center of excellence in knowledge, policies and interventions in the areas of governance, peace and transformation

Our message

Capacity building and provision of high-quality services in specialized areas of peace, security, governance and transformation for communities and stakeholders and enhancing stability in Sudan and Africa.

The center's areas of work

The Center derives its expertise through a network that includes partners, associates, and experts. This network constitutes a launching pad for specialized experts covering wide areas of transformation programs and projects

Urgent Appeal for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Sudan Announces 23,316 COVID-19 Cases

Sudan announced on This Day its 23,316 cases of the novel corona-virus following the death of 1,468 cases 

is the average cost of medical equipment to provide effective health services. We urgently need to equip health facilities.


It contributes to providing life saving tools such as oxygen and medicines

Contribute to securing emergency tents for patients.

Around AcoGaps


AcoGaps provides in-country advisory support, basic services and international organization support to reinforce and strengthen the efforts of countries to improve security, peace, and justice – primarily in conflict-affected and fragile states.

AcoGaps operates through a network of senior consultants around Sudan, other parts of Africa and across the world. 

 AcoGaps consultants are experts in undertaking the challenges of transition and promoting change through training, advocacy, and advisory services


Peace Building and Community Stabilization

AcoGaps gives due consideration to community stabilization, peacebuilding, and peace consolidation issues – especially for states in transition

Human Rights and Rule of Law Department

Within the structure of AcoGaps, the Human Rights and Rule of Law Department provides a framework for developing and representing a thinking and listening space, and a monitoring center; and also for gaining momentum towards the achievement of the goals set: to promote and to protect human rights with determination and conviction

Migration, Women and Youth

Sudan is an important hub for migration in Africa.  It is a transit for, a destination for, and a producer of, migrants and refugees.  Sudan lies at the heart of migratory routes connecting East and West Africa to the Mediterranean sea in Europe, the Gulf States and Southern Africa. It’s also the third largest host country for refugees and asylum seekers currently estimated at over 1.1 million individuals. Approximately 4.8 million people (including refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons) are in need of humanitarian assistance.

To center comprehensive networks of relations and communication, and partnerships with the state and civil society organizations Regional and international systems, and signing understandings with many sources