Minister of Culture and Information, Dr. Graham Abdel Qader, considered the events taking place in Sudan, the Horn of Africa, and the Middle East aimed at starving, oppressing, and stripping people of their values.

He said while addressing to the deliberating workshop on problems and challenges of Paris Conference at the Al-Busiri Hotel in Port Sudan on Wednesday that Paris Conference has interests in abolishing sovereignty of the State looking for their interests, and therefore they use the citizen as a pretext, who was displaced andx displaced by the Rapid Support Forces RSF attack.
He added that France is facing political dilemmas in West Africa and the loss of elements of the economic powers that supplied Europe and France with iron and uranium, and has been searching for a foothold in Sudan.
The Minister of Culture and Information affirmed the demographic component of the Sudanese belt extending from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic has an ethnic, cultural and structural overlap that contains the greatest African wealth, that turns into conflict and attracts international power and stakeholders and has become a gateway to European colonialism.
Dr. Graham, revealed the monitoring and documentation of the sabotage that affected the Sudanese cultural heritage of Sudanese archaeological museums registered internationally by Interpol in preparation for opening reports against the rebel militia.
He said that what happened in Sudan is not only rebellion, but sabotage of the economic, cultural and social structure and state forces, which leads to the displacement of citizens and the resettlement and resettlement of others.

Graham: Paris Conference aims to abolish state sovereignty and seek a foothold in Sudan

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